Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal

(sis. ALV24%)

Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal - Langaton mikrofonisetti, 598-694MHz

Made specifically for solo vocal performances the Aeroline Vocal Wireless mic system delivers perfect vocal clarity over long distances, in a simple to use package.
A specially designed microphone capsule captures the detail and warmth of the voice, ensuring that the system gets the best possible quality audio input.
This signal is then transmitted to the ‘small footprint’ receiver with dual antennae using True Diversity technology.  This results in a system which works over long distances without drop-outs.
Unique to products at this price point are the backlit LCD displays on both the mic and the receiver.  This makes setup and control simple.
With its high quality capsule, superb long range performance and easy operation, Aeroline Vocal delivers everything the vocalist or presenter needs.

Key Features

  • 324 channels  - 598-694MHz
  • Easy to setup with infrared syncing
  • Backlit LCD’s on mic and receiver. Easy to see on-stage.
  • High quality vocal microphone capsule design
  • True diversity system signal stability over long distances

Capsule - Made for your voice
The moving coil capsule is robust and durable. It is tough enough to ensure drops and road-damage.

The response pattern is super cardioid which gives good upfront coverage while rejecting from the rear. This reduces the chance of feedback.

For singers, the capsule delivers a warm tone and the internal electronics have been prepared to handled the highest of dynamics.

For Presenters, the well-tuned frequency response of the capsule will ensure that your audience will hear each nuance and the finer detail of your voice.


  • Working frequency: 598-694MHz
  • Modulation mode: UHF
  • Channels: 324 @ 598-694MHz
  • Operating distance: about 80m (line of sight)
  • RF generator mode: PLL Frequency Synthesizer
  • RF bandwidth: 96MHz
  • Audio frequency response: 50Hz-16KHz
  • SNR: > 90dB (A weighted)
  • THD: <0.5% / 1KHz (300mV output )


  • Dynamic range: > 90dB
  • Output Power: 10mW
  • Display: LCD
  • Current consumption: <180mA
  • Power supply: 2 x AA or AA rechargeable batteries
  • Transducer pickup head: Moving coil
  • Pickup mode: Super cardioid
  • Sensitivity: <- 55dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1V / Par at 1KHz)
  • Maximum SPL: > 105dB SPL


  • Sensitivity: -95dBm
  • harmonic distortion: <0. 5% / 1KHz (300mV output)
  • Display: LCD
  • Audio outputs: Balanced XLR plus 1/4” jack
  • Power supply: 12v 500ma 6w
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7kg
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