Wharfedale Typhon AX12-BT Tour bag

(sis. ALV24%)

Kuljetuslaukku 12" Typhon AX12 tai Typhon AX12-BT kaiuttimelle

The Wharfedale tour bag for the Typhon AX12 and Typhon AX12BT is made from durable nylon and with a thick inner padding.  This tour bag allows 12" Typhones to be used in extreme conditions - protecting the Typhon during transportation.  The tourbag has been designed to give full access to the handles and the rear panel connectors and controls.  A removable front cover allows the Typhon to be used while inside the tour bag.

Durable, accessible and printed with the iconic Wharfedale Pro logo, the Typhone 12" tour bag is attractive and practical.

  • Fits Typhone 12" speakers (AX12 / AX12BT)
  • Removable front cover
  • Acoustically transparent protective mesh covering
  • Easy access to handles
  • Easy access to rear panel connectors and controls
  • All round protective covering


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Wharfedale Typhon AX12-BT Wharfedale Typhon AX12-BT
Aktiivikaiutin 12", teho 720W RMS, Bluetooth 499,00 € *
(sis. ALV24%)
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